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Ready to become the thought leader in your industry?

If you’re a successful author, coach or entrepreneur, then you already have what it takes to become a thought leader. It’s time to play a bigger game. If you’re ready to scale your mission, idea, and impact with the world and become the global authority in your industry, apply for a consultation call with our team.

Our Speakers have been featured in and invited to speak at:


    Work with your Ideation Coaches to effectively define what you stand for and how to communicate your message. We do all the event outreach, you just provide the world-changing idea.


    World class coaching and preparation for interviews, auditions, talk architecture and delivery. We support you from A to Z to ensure you deliver the best, most impactful talk of your life.


    Reach a global audience with our spreading system so you can land bigger, better, higher paid speaking gigs and spread your message far and wide.


    Have the top conference bookers, event organizers, ideal clients, and change makers in your industry seek you out to share your wisdom.

When you effectively implement this methodology, you unlock a new depth to your purpose and ability to affect change in the world on a massive scale.


“I first heard of The Idea Collective from the philanthropic work Taylor was doing all over the world. I knew I wanted to make a similar impact, so I reached out to them. We started working together and they helped me land my TEDx talk within weeks. When they taught me how to spread the talk, it took off. It now has over 3 million views and has led to 200+ paid speaking gigs, being featured on The TODAY Show, and a six figure book deal with the world’s largest publisher. This all happened because I just followed their system. I suggest you do the same.”  

Kevin B.

“I had done a little bit of speaking here and there, but dreamed of one day doing a TEDx talk and becoming a global authority in my space. I decided to work with The Idea Collective, and they helped me book a TEDx talk within 2 days. Within 90 days of my talk going live, I was invited to speak at The United Nations, Harvard University and an international summit. Thanks Taylor and The Idea Collective team!”

Sloane T.

“Before working with The Idea Collective, I had a message I was extremely passionate about sharing, but didn’t know how to do it. With their world class coaching and preparation, I was able to create a talk that powerfully conveys my message. Within 3 weeks of my talk being posted, it led to $30,000 in coaching revenue. I’m grateful to these guys because I now have the foundation and spreading strategies to continue impacting lives for years to come.

Ryan C.

“Before I met The Idea Collective, I had never done a TEDx talk. Now I’ve done two, thanks to them! They taught me how to spread my second TEDx talk, which now has over 49,000 views, and has led to me landing speaking gigs at major Universities like MIT, and I was just approached by a book publisher! Thank you Taylor and The Idea Collective team! “

Leslie C.
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